In terms of its main aims, it is envisaged that the project will:

  • Respond to the need for a more coherent approach to recognition, as laid down in the 2007 London Communiqué
  • Identify current recognition practices in participating countries, highlighting best practice, areas for improvement and compliance with Lisbon Recognition Convention (LRC) through analysis of current National Action Plans (NAP), which consist of the following elements: legislation, recognition, information and structures.
  • Establish common criteria and procedures for recognition, against which each NAP can be compared
  • Design a model/blueprint NAP for all Bologna Process compliant countries
  • Develop a glossary as an annex to the model NAP to facilitate understanding of potentially ambiguous or confusing terms
  • Disseminate the model NAP through the ENIC-NARIC network via this website and at the annual ENIC-NARIC meeting, 2009