National Action Plans for recognition have, to date, been prepared, published and analysed at both national and European level, however no work has been undertaken to improve them in terms of their content and how that is applied to recognition practice and criteria thus far.

One of the main priorities in the NARIC Call for Proposals 2008 focusses on following up from the London Communiqué of 2007. This priority aims to continue the work of the ENIC/NARIC Working Group on “National Action Plans on Recognition”, with an emphasis on:

(i) implementing and improving the National Action Plans in the respective countries
(ii) putting in place arrangements for periodic reviews of recognition practices in the respective countries.

IINAP is therefore a direct response to this priority and should represent a significant starting point in the move towards greater coherency.

Over the course of 2009 the project partners – UK NARIC, Nuffic (The Netherlands), AIC (Latvia), NARIC Spain and CIEP (France) – will develop a blueprint NAP and accompanying glossary of terms that will help NARICs to update and improve the content of their plans, as well as give recommendations for how to apply the improvements stated in the NAP. The blueprint NAP will be disseminated across the network and to the wider Bologna Process community to encourage harmonisation and transparency.